We believe God is going to use this generation to bring forth the greatest revival this world has ever seen. We want that in our city! God is raising up a movement of young people who will fall in love and be fascinated more with Jesus and His presence, than with what the world has to offer. At a time when the hearts of a generation are being captivated by the world, we can no longer afford to keep doing youth ministry a usual. We must stop sacrificing truth on the altar of being culturally relevant and begin to equip, activate and release a generation to demonstrate The Kingdom of God. Overflow can be that catalyst for your youth ministry and students who attend.



Overflow is a student conference for youth ages 12-22 and open to all denominations. The majority of students who attend are in high school, but this event is open to more than just students. This includes Youth Pastors, Youth Workers and Volunteers, Youth Worship Teams, Student Leaders and even Senior Pastors. Basically, if you’re a student or have a heart and a passion for this generation, then this conference is for you!

The atmosphere that you will encounter at Overflow is intended to cultivate relationships among students from various churches and build relationships among leaders one to another. It’s so important that we have healthy, strong youth ministries working together throughout our city, reaching a lost generation that needs awakeneing. Ablaze The Movement is determined to see this happen!



Expect a major encounter with Jesus! It’s our desire that every student would encounter God, His presence and His power. Expect worship to fill the atmosphere as we call heaven to earth where miracles take place and a generation is awakened to the presence of the real God. We believe God is raising up the next generation of Apostles and Prophets. They’re discovering purpose and falling in love with Jesus. The schedule is packed with incredible services, workshops and concerts all centered around one agenda… Jesus! Each one designed to challenge and equip students. We also have workshops specifically for Youth Leaders and Youth Workers that will inspire a passion to lead this generation.



October 22-23, 2021

Sword of The Spirit Ministries
300 Kensington Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214



Full Event Pass: before 9/1 $50; after 9/1 $55

Friday Evening Pass: before 9/1 $30; after 9/1 $35
*worship encounter/ Chandler Moore

Saturday Full Day Pass: before 9/1 $35; after 9/1 $40